Travel photography

Travel Photography - Santa Maria del Salute - Chris MacKenzie Travel Photographer La Defense - Paris Photograph Venice Grand Canal from Ponte dell' Accademia Venice Carnival Mask

Travel photography can take you to the world's most stunning places, landmarks and peoples without even leaving your favourite armchair.

Before the traveller takes their very first step, the destination has already been captured by a great travel photographer who reveals its epic grandeur, romantic beauty and gritty realism.

From mountainsides, seascapes, war-zones, city lights, peoples and safari, Chris MacKenzie reveals the location's unforgettable sense of place. He takes the viewer to the world's most breath-taking sights, produces a riot of imagery, colour and visual excitement, then deposits them back home with an intense thirst for adventure.

Let Chris be your customer's travel guide to the world's most beautiful sights - up close, in depth and in sweeping wide angle.

“We would absolutely love to use your photo on our flyer...” (Patrick Laughlin - Manager - St Andrews Partnership)

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