Food photography

Strawberry Consomme - Forth Floor - Harvey Nichols Edinburgh Rabbit Terine - Restuarant Mark Greenaway - Edinburgh Scottish food photographer Wannaburger - Burger photograph
When we see an incredible food photograph, we immediately engage the senses, which is why Chris MacKenzie's food photography looks good enough to eat.

The scintillating aromas, the sumptuous sights, sizzling sounds and tactile textures are all evoked by a world class food photograph. Add the final sensation of taste, et voila: the ultimate recipe for food photography success.

For restaurants, brand managers, magazines and online, Chris MacKenzie kick-starts the senses through food photography that is good enough to eat.

“The results were outstanding and prove why Chris is being hired by some of the top chefs in the country...” (Susan Doherty, Owner, Hula Juice Bar)

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